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    Have you tried diet after diet only to still struggle?

    The Chubby Church addressed weight and eating from a holistic perspective to support your body, soul, and spirit. It is NOT a diet book. It is a book you can use with any nutrition and fitness plan for maximum results. Chapters such as Chubbology help us understand weight and eating psychology. For example, if we don't feel safe in our souls, we will use weight to self-protect or we will create drama in the form of a cycle dieting behaviors.

    Have you lost and gained more than 20 lbs more than once in your life?

    If you've struggled with weight for many years, from childhood, or for along time in adulthood, there are factors at work that are not your fault including the Standard American Diet of processed foods. While this book is not a diet, it does support the art of being healthy for life. In the past, diet books missed real realities that face those of us who have struggled for many years. Both books address overcoming permanently to release the weight for good, for life. If you've had gastric bypass or have done other things it's time to deal with the soul in the matter of weight loss.

    Are you embarrassed by your eating behaviors?

    Emotional eating, binge eating, or doing weird stuff with food like hiding it from your spouse or family further promotes shame and guilt in our lives. We can end this cycle by getting Emotionally Fit! Jendayi shares how to really end emotional eating that's based on past trauma and heal the Inner Glutton within using her 5 Step Emotional Fitness Workout. This workout helps so you can't eat the same if even you wanted to! And more importantly, heals the reason you used food to stuff down emotions in the first place.

    Are you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, or cancer?

    Millions of people are being diagnosed with chronic diseases every day. 117 million Americans have at least one chronic disease, many have two. Sadly, many diseases are preventable with proper body stewardship and adherence to God's Life Abundantly Standard over the Standard American Diet. You'll learn how to Habitize Body Stewardship to increase your chance for freedom from disease!

    Are you plagued with constant self-criticisms about your body image?

    Did you realize that the first attack on our identity is through the body? Body image concerns proceed poor eating! And studies show that those who obese or worry about their weight, are more likely to be overweight or obese in years to come. Our unique looks and features are a gift from God that we must embrace for our best healing. More depth on this topic in Book 2, but build the foundation in Book 1. Many Chubby Church members, aren't chubby just mentally bound to weight, food, body image, or eating frustrations.

  • "I could't put it down...It's funny too!" - Kay

    This book will support your journey to defeat all bondage in your life to be Whole & Free in Christ!

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    Break Free from a Lifetime of Weight & Eating Dysfunction!

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    E-book, Audible, and/or Paperback options available!

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    Break Free from a Lifetime of Weight & Eating Dysfunction!

    Kindle, Audible, & Paperback available on Amazon

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    "I've lost 15 pounds, eat better, and sleep better!"

    Buy to learn about body cleansing and gain energy

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    "All my life I struggled with my weight & my relationship with food..."

    Buy to change your perspective of food

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    "I've lost almost 40 lbs!"

    Buy to understand your Inner Glutton

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    "This book will change your life. It might even save it."

    Buy to face the fear of your whole self

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    "Informative and fun to read."

    Buy for laughs and breakthroughs

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    The Call to Weight & Freedom Action Plan

    Ready to get going? The Weight & Eating Freedom Action Plan will help!

    The Action Plan is a workbook that walks you through Chapter 5 that'll wake you up like a cup of coffee!

    In the Action Plan, you'll have space to do the work to:

    • Commit to Freedom (Not diets!)
    • Cultivate Desire (To change poor health habits)
    • See Your Vision (To guide your changes)
    • Take 100% Responsibility (For health outcomes)
    • Enroll Accountability (The secret to success)
    • Persist Through the Lows (To manifest your freedom)
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    Powerful Quizzes to Break Strongholds

    Get all 5 of Book 1's Full-Size Quizzes to access your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

    Did you get the audio, but want the quizzes? Or did you want a full-size print out for the quizzes in The Chubby Church Book 1?

    Get all 5 Quizzes:

    • Weight & Eating Bondage Quiz
    • Body Neglect Stronghold Quiz
    • Emotional Eating Stronghold Quiz
    • Dieter's Mindset Stronghold Quiz
    • Going It Alone Stronghold Quiz
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    The Body Honor Manifesto

    Use the Body Honor Manifesto to Break the Bondage of Body Shame

    Think about it, your body/face is your main identifier in life. To criticize, shame, or disrespect your body with comparisons, harsh words, and thoughts is an attack on your identity. Body shame leads to poor eating, poor health, and low self-esteem. To overcome practice the 9 Principles to Respect, Love, and Heal your body, these principles are so much better than chocolate cake! *Sneak peek of Book 2*

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    The Chubby Church Reading Plan

    Set a Goal to Get it Done

    Are you super busy? In today's distracted environment it's difficult to finish a book! The problem is that in order to get your breakthrough, you've got to read and apply the book. In your Goodie Bag Breakthrough Bundle, you'll receive a 10-week and a customizable reading plan to set your goal and reach it. It's perfect for book clubs, so grab friends to read and discuss the contents together!

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    See the all the Chapters and Topics covered in Book 1

    Take a peek about the topics covered in this life-changing book like Grubbology, Chubbology, Emotional Fitness, the Body H.A.B.I.T.S. and so much more. You'll learn Biblical and psychological principles that diet books just don't teach!

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    See the all the Chapters and Topics covered in Book 2

    Book 2 covers food, body image, soul shame, genetics and more.

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    Break Free from a Lifetime of Weight & Eating Dysfunction!

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  • Prevent Unnecessary Health Problems

    Stats and Facts to Motivate You to Get Knowledge [Hosea 4:6]

    38.9% of Americans are Obese

    Americans struggle with weight and eating like never before. This stat is worse for African American females and growing for all children. God is using weight and eating struggles to heal the whole person in Body, Soul, & Spirit.

    20% More Overweight

    People who attended church were more likely to be 20 percent more overweight than non-church members. By all means we need to attend church, but we also need to deal with our eating behaviors and problem foods because it's costing unnecessary prayer lines and lives.

    16% vs 70% God to Man made foods

    16 percent of our plates is what God said to eat in Genesis 1:29. We fail to eat whole, clean, sun-raised foods and we're seeing the fruit of it in poor health, low energy, and early death. 70 percent is processed or highly processed foods.

    Obesity Likelihood increased by 50%

    Young adults who attended Bible study weekly increased their chances of obesity by 50 percent. We need the Word of God, but we also need grow in Body Stewardship and better food choices. There is great confusion around food and what to do with health. The Chubby Church Books 1 & 2 clear up this confusion.

    95% of Dieters Regain Weight

    Diets don't work. The Dieter's Mindset is a form of bondage. When we start and stop diets we don't actually create lasting change. Health happens inside out and over time. Our mindset can be elevated with the Freedom Mindset to support real health transformation and lifestyle change.

    117 million Americans

    Americans are the sickest and heaviest we've ever been. 117 million suffer from at least one chronic disease with pricey prescriptions that create more problems. We're struggling with health care costs, Obesity is $147 billion alone. Yet, an estimated 40 to 95 percent of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity is preventable.

  • Hi, I'm Jendayi, aka J, Nice to meet you!

    Award Winning Author of The Chubby Church


    Author Bio

    Jendayi Harris is a minister of practical advice on how to do life in Christ well. She’s a Licensed Professional Counselor (CO), Senior Productivity Consultant, Board-Certified Health Coach, and Board-Certified National Counselor. She believes the best thing we can do for our families and Nation is to get healthy in body, soul, and spirit. Jendayi speaks at Fortune 500 firms and churches alike, with an affinity for coaching Christ-centered leaders to optimize their time, personality, priorities, and resources to powerfully impact the kingdom of God.

    Jendayi has personally overcome weight and eating bondage, an obese and overweight body, dieting, body shame, and overeating. With the Biblical and psychological wisdom she shares - you can too!


    Excerpt from Introduction to The Chubby Church Book 1

    Why I Relate to Moses

    I flipped on the television to the Day Star network. The anointed Bishop T. D. Jakes of The Potter’s House Church in Dallas was preaching. The next thing I knew I jumped out of bed and started praising God, like never before.

    Overtaken by the glory of His presence in my bedroom, I fell to my knees with my arms spread wide.

    “Hallelujah!” all of my heart, mind, and soul yelled out, in adoration. “Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” A hundred times.

    The Lord had spoken to my spirit. He said, “You are called to lift the bondage off the people and establish the kingdom of God.”

    My soul vibrated as glory intensified in the atmosphere. A powerful surge of His Spirit moved through me, and it held my arms in the air. TV church was still on in the background, but a full-on revival was happening right there in my bedroom in Denver, Colorado.

    I felt the call. I felt it in every fiber of my body. I was called to lift bondage! My purpose of why I was here on the earth, why I had read countless books on psychological growth, and why I went through deep healing and agonizing pruning to heal my past, my character, personality, and my pain like my life depended on it. Why I’ve been trained in a wide variety of areas in life like health, business, finance, family, single life, and marriage. And why I have testimonies for days on end.

    Now, it all made perfect sense why anyone would have to do that depth of soul work. It was because I’m a believer on a mission to equip the body of Christ with practical and psychological wisdom. I’m to provide practical strategies and advice to do life in Christ well.

    I knew my calling would manifest itself as an author to write books that help free people from their bondages—all kinds of bondages. But I had to start by overcoming my own biggest, hardest, most grueling, and primary battle—the one I call Weight and Eating Bondage.


    This inkling to write was already in me. But like when the Lord called Moses to free the children of Israel out of their Egypt, I too felt incredibly inadequate, flabby, and not good enough. I relate to Moses because I’m far from perfect, but my answer is always, “Yes, God!”

    As you turn the pages of this book, know that I care deeply and resonate with the struggle with food, body image, weight gain, dieting, and binge eating.

    I know what it’s like to feel absolutely hopeless that my weight would ever change, that my mind would be forever held hostage by its obsession with my next meal, or that I’d ever really like kale. I know what it’s like to be a slave to food, a slave to cultural body image, a slave to the scale’s report, and a slave to fear.

    You too are an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the testimony of Jesus Christ (Revelation 12:11). Are you willing to do what it takes to overcome your weight and eating battle for good? Will you commit to your freedom? Just go ahead and tell the Lord, “Yes!”


    Jendayi Harris


    Soul Freedom Author & Teacher
    Emotional Fitness Trainer
    Lover of the True and Living God
    Friend of the People


  • Interviews with Jendayi Harris

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    Good News


    Angie Austin

    The Chubby Church Interview

    Have fun with Angie and the Good News Girls discussing The Chubby Church book

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    Chef AJ

    Chubbology - Why We Use Weight to Self Protect

    [Video] For a fun and interactive time with celebrated Chef AJ

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    Fed & Fearless


    Laura Schoenfeld

    The Chubby Church Interview

    [Video] Dive into specific mindsets that drive poor eating with Jendayi and Laura Schoenfeld, RD.

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    The Truth Radio


    Dr. Michael Williams

    The Chubby Church Interview

    An entertaining interview describing the issues The Chubby Church faces.

  • About the Books

    The Path to Weight, Food, Body Image, & Eating Freedom

    The Chubby Church Book 1: A Call to Break Free of Weight & Eating Bondage
    Download the Table of Goodies [Contents]

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    The Chubby Church Book 1

    A Call to Break Free of Weight & Eating Bondage

    Book 1 is for foundational healing and personal growth to be Whole & Free!


    In a loving tone with humorous personal stories, practical strategies, and well-researched insights The Chubby Church is sure to help you go boldly toward weight and eating freedom!

    You’ll learn:

    • How to Habitize Body Stewardship to motivate healthy habits for life such as: cleansing your organs, balancing hormones for men and women, exercise motivation, the power of sleep, nutrient loading, and more.
    • Why we over-eat in what Jendayi calls: Grubbology.
    • Why we’re super scared to drop our chubby suits in Chubbology - weight and eating psychology.
    • How to replace a Dieter’s Mindset with a Freedom Mindset to end on and off again dieting behaviors.
    • The Emotional Fitness Workout™ so you can prevent emotional eating.
    • How to Supersize Your Power Source with kingdom resources to overcome poor health for good!
    • A BODY, SOUL, SPIRIT approach for permanent release and healing for the total personhood.

    Finally, a path for victory over one of the most prevalent, yet under-discussed areas of bondage within the church: Weight & Eating Bondage.
    Download the Table of Goodies [Contents]


    Won 2nd Place in Health for CIPA EVVY Awards
    Won Award in Health for Pinnacle Book Awards

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    The Chubby Church Book 2

    An Order to Win the 7 Battles of the Weight & Eating War for Good!

    An Order to Win the 7 Battles of the Weight & Eating War for Good!


    Book 2 is an action guide for what to do with food, eating, and body image and more to win this battle for life.


    In a loving tone with scriptural foundations, practical strategies, and well-researched insights The Chubby Church Book 2 is sure to bring weight and eating victory!

    You’ll learn:

    • How to Rebuke the Sugar Demon and her Cheesy Cousins to end food addictions for life.
    • How to perform a Gluttonectomy to eliminate the habit of overeating.
    • Food truth in God's Life Abundantly Standard way to taste and see what the Lord called "good for food" to overcome processed foods and unclean eating.
    • Keys to jump off the Body Shame Train and enjoy body confidence.
    • Proper ways to fast for freedom instead of Fleshy Fasting.
    • Tips to Resize Family Fat Genes so you can prevent generational obesogenic behaviors and more!

    You’ll have the ammunition to win the 7 Battles of the Weight & Eating War to overcome Weight & Eating Bondage for Good!

    Download Table of Victory for Book 2

  • The content is: "Powerful" , "An answer to prayer", "Life-changing", "Live-saving", and "Clearly anointed by God" - say the Readers!

    By the way, you don't have to be chubby to read this book."Every Christian needs to read this book!" - Jill Cullis, ReaderReady for Book 2? Order Here.

  • Video Testimonials

    The Chubby Church Book

    Participants were able to beta read the book and participate in a 15 week course at The Potter's House Church in Denver in Summer of 2018. Here's what they had to say!

    Tom's Testimonial

    I traveled 50 minutes each week to get to class!

    Cindy's Testimonial

    This book and course have been a huge blessing to me!

    Shirley's Testimonial

    I'm more free than ever before around food and I'm eating better!

    Laurie's Testimonial

    Huge help!

  • "Just open any page and you'll want to keep reading..."

    It's a Body, Soul, Spirit approach to be used with any eating and fitness plan.

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    Break Free from a Lifetime of Weight & Eating Dysfunction!

    Kindle, Audible, & Paperback available on Amazon

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