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    Win the Weight & Eating War for MORE!

    8-Week Group Coaching

    Next group starts: March 21, 2022

    Gain the transformational skills, training, and coaching necessary to reduce years of struggle.

    On Demand Only Option Available

  • Win the

    Weight & Eating War for More!

    Webinar Replay

    You'll learn:
    - Why food has been such a struggle and you don't feel like eating the way you know you should

    - Which ingredients and foods are causing you to continually feel embarrassed about your food choices and eating behaviors

    - 3 tricks to get over sugar and junk food cravings so you can see results

    - The #1 surprising predictor of excess weight AND MORE!

  • Course Benefits

    We will WIN through proper Health Coaching, Training, and Skill Building for a Health, Whole & Free Life to support application of Books 1 & 2.

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    Group Coaching

    All the difference in results is due to quality coaching and accountability. You'll get to participate in twice a week group coaching calls to share wins, challenges, and insights.

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    7 Battles Training

    To win the 7 battles of the Weight & Eating War, we need to know what they are and how to practically win each of them. Each week you'll have the option to join live training calls.

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    Slim & Sexy Skills

    Great health requires practical how-to skills that will always be needful to take great care of ourselves each day. You'll learn skills from food preparation to emotional clearing.

  • We start Monday March 21, 2022

    Live course runs from Monday March 21, 2022 - May 9, 2022

    Courses are both live and on-demand

    Can't make it live? Select ON DEMAND ONLY at checkout.

  • Benefits of Win the Weight & Eating War for More!

    Which benefit do you need the most?

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    Make Change in a Safe Place!

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    Be a Higher Version of Yourself!

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    Practice Skills for Success!

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    Commit Today!

  • How It Works

    There are 4 steps to get started to change the health path of your life!


    Watch the Webinar

    Watch the webinar above to determine if you'd like to learn and coach with Jendayi to apply principles of The Chubby Church Book 2.



    Like a new job, you'll need total prioritization of health in your life for a couple months. Decide if you're ready to invest the time and energy. It takes 1-2 hours of coaching each week, 1.5 hour training calls, and 1-2 hours of on demand learning. All sessions are recorded if missed.


    Show Up

    You'll see the events list in the Whole & Free University site to add to your calendar. We'll do coaching calls on conference line and training calls on zoom line.

  • Have you been longing to be free?

    When we don't feel great in our bodies...we're bound. When we can't stop eating the wrong stuff...we're bound. If you're longing to feel free - this course is for you!

    Are you tired of the world's way of health?

    The World's way of health is one-dimensional and focused only on vanity. This course addresses body image, food truths, and ethics from a whole person perspective for lasting change.

    Are you desiring practical help?

    Some Christian weight loss programs only focus on spiritual elements, but we also need practical information on how to handle food, body image, problem eating behaviors and relationships from a practical perspective.

    Would you like support in the journey?

    Oftentimes we go it alone and results are more successful when we have support. Research shows we get best results with support. Peer support is available through this experience.

    Do you need to develop the skills for healthy living?

    We must learn the skills for living healthfully if we're ever going to make lasting change. We'll focus on habits for our success.

  • We start Monday March 21, 2022

    Live course runs from Monday March 21, 2022 - May 9, 2022

    Courses are both live and on-demand
    Can't make it live? Select ON DEMAND ONLY at checkout

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    LIVE - Coaching with Jendayi

    Jendayi Harris is a minister of practical advice on how to do life in Christ well. She’s a Licensed Professional Counselor (CO), Senior Productivity Consultant, Board-Certified Health Coach, and Board-Certified National Counselor.


    She believes the best thing we can do for our families and Nation is to get healthy in body, soul, and spirit. Jendayi speaks at Fortune 500 firms and churches alike, with an affinity for coaching Christ-centered leaders to optimize their time, personality, priorities, and resources to powerfully impact the kingdom of God.


    Jendayi has personally overcome weight and eating bondage, an obese and overweight body, dieting, body shame, and overeating. With the Biblical and psychological wisdom she shares - you can too!

  • FAQs

    Please email JHarris@nextleveltherapyllc.com if you have any questions.

  • We start Monday March 21, 2022

    Live course runs from Monday March 21, 2022 - May 9, 2022

    Courses are both live and on-demand
    Can't make it live? Select ON DEMAND ONLY at checkout

  • Payment Options

    Join us  within your budget for these amazing benefits.




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    On-Demand ONLY

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